Monday, 4 June 2012

Perception isn't always the reality

It's been a while since I was here and seen as though this is not a gambling one I thought it best to chuck up on the old blog spot. Of course for all my UFC and F1 stuff you can visit currently where I'm contributing.

An empty page. Turning that empty page into something worthwhile is like a metaphor for life. You start with nothing and the inputs and choices you make from that point determine the success or failure of it. Each life is a blank canvass  and yeah some get a head-start by circumstance but there’s as many spectacular failures in that category as there is successes for sure if not more than someone that was brought into nothing and fought or thought their way to their goal. It’s a case of name your cliché really.

But that’s the dream isn’t it? That’s what we’re told we have to do by others. Grow up quick, learn quicker, earn more and get there by whatever means necessary. Once you get there god forbid you go backwards. Is that really what you need; what you want.. Like if this is the only rodeo are you going to measure your life by someone else’s requirements or your own.

Someone said something to me over the weekend that got me thinking and to be honest although to some it might seem like a mediocre target I’ve got to agree with it. No point shooting for the stars and failing when you can aim for an achievable goal that leaves you more than comfortable. I’ve spent 7 of the last 9 weeks in the freedom that was afforded to me by a redundancy from a job that I’d long since given up hope on progressing in or finding that level of comfort financially or enjoyment from the job I desired. Was I happy with the situation? Nope. Could I have held out for much longer? Definitely not. Am I happy for the folks that had some of the shittest news you can receive in March and now look like getting the packages they so richly deserve after they got royally fucked over a week before I got to leave? Fuck yeah I am but that’s another story and one I’m too far from to write or speculate about in a forum where I can get in trouble.

Here’s the key thing the remember. Reality and perception are two different things. All too frequently perception clouds reality and there in lies the romp. Perception is what magicians and bull shitters crave on my pedigree chums. As Houdini said “What the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes”. Why is that of importance you might ask.. Too many folks just take that initial perception and don't go deeper..

Perception only gives an impression; it doesn’t give you the full story or history. In a way perception can be used as propaganda. Take the Stop Kony 2012 video where the charity and I use that word loosely was only sending a percentage of donations to the area they were collecting for or the video of that couple getting dumped out of a house in Killiney. How many people went on a do-gooder hunt based on the emotions that those videos implanted. That’s purely perception without knowing the total reality. How many folks later found the error of their ways with those causes and started to try save face with ridiculous arguments? Yes it’s good to fight for causes worth fighting for but as with anything in life you’ve gotta choose them carefully and know the facts. Now more than ever history is getting to be indelible. Regardless if you delete it or not; your whole history online post wise is available to people that know what they’re doing. It’s not like a white-board in school where you just rub off the errors. Don’t get me wrong people make mistakes but you gotta own up to your own and deal with it. If you can’t accept them you’re going to repeat them most likely. Same sort of shit happens every weekend somewhere that you’ll see a couple fight and stereotypically the girl will be crying post argument. How many do-gooders wade in without knowledge of what they’re getting involved in? It’s all perception. Yes there’s a level of empathy in it of seeing someone else in the shit but that’s the funny thing with empathy. People can be separated from it when they know the facts. If you knew ten minutes before that argument that the girl had cheated on the guy and he’d said fuck this I’m done. Would you feel half as sorry for that crying girl? Probably not.. Bad examples but I hope it explains what I mean.

That's why I hate the expression what you see is what you get. No it's not. By that measure Fritzl was a DIY enthusiast who spent a bit of time in his basement. Fred West was another DIY enthusiast. He loved re-doing his pattio. Any paedophile priest just took a little interest in his alter boys or girls. Go and fuck. What you see is what you get is something lazy people say because they couldn't be arsed actually looking into things. Challenging that perception they have.

It’s the funny thing with perception. It takes the minimum amount of detail visually and your brain tries to apply the maximum amount of possibilities. Reading this you’re probably thinking I’m a heartless bastard but I assure you I give a fuck in the right situation. Perception is a con artists wet dream. Like I said it’s something bull shitters feed off as it tends to be lacking in facts. It’s why scams and investment swindles will most likely always exist. Whether it’s some cock sucker telling you that they can give you back ten times your original investment or to a lesser extent all those ads you see online when your browsing. How many times have you got ads for big dick pills or fuck 3 neighbours inside 2 weeks popping up on the side bar. Even to an extent you can still have a laugh by turning on any teleshopping channel for their latest fat burning, muscling growing exercise programme with insert z-list celeb here _______________. Why do people fall for it? Perception. They’re given something visually that entices them. Let’s get this straight, it’s done with everything. Always has been, always will be. It’s a simple trick. It’s just aspirational and plays on what most people perceive as the expected or the needed. Buying a pair of Adidas Predators didn’t make you Beckham did they. Nor did buying a pair of Armani boxers change your love life compared to a pair of Dunnes Stores ones. You get the point. Most people get rid of these things as they grow older from what I can see. Yes I’ve a relatively small sample to garner from but it seems to be common thank fuck. It’s the same as you change hobbies; as dudes grow up and take up golf when their days of playing footie are finished; buying a set of Taylor Mades with some Titleist balls ain’t going to make them Tiger Woods. Well maybe these days you’d be a little closer with Tiger’s struggles. Throw on your red TW t-shirt on a Sunday, some fake tan and that’s probably as close as your getting. Reality is you grow tired of the bullshit as you understand how things are as opposed to how they look. As many of my mates have put it. It’s the night before and morning after. No I’m not talking beer goggles. Before when the make up is on and after the make up comes off. You could be looking at two different people. In some cases it’s just stripping away the layers! Or in the old days of shit fake tan and rain you were wondering if someone possibly shit the bed during the night seeing the fake tan on the bed sheets. You live, you learn, you digest things. It’s the same reason that you see a lot of successful bands or business bridge out of previous failures. Lessons learnt and applied. Of course some people never learn and we’ll usually get to see them make a re-appearance at the X-Factor auditions or some shit. Might even be a priest running across a Grand Prix track or come to think of it didn’t that crazy bastard do something in the Olympics too. London 2012 watch out for this guy:

I’m no genius and I’ll never claim to be. Yeah I have my prospecting moments with bets here and there and I’ll have my losses too. Goes back to that perception thing. No gambler has a 100% win rate. Not unless they were one and done. Anyone that says they do is full of shit and we’re back into that perception land. Even bookies don’t have a 100% win rate. One horse has to win after all. But there lies in the romp. Everything is relative.

You’re days are what you make of them and how they’re perceived by outside influences isn’t really important. It shouldn’t be. If you are doing enough to be comfortable in whatever endeavours you have. Making enough to pay the bills and live comfortably. What’s there to lose. Of course there is living the dream but who’s dream is it? If it’s the one you’re told you’re meant to have ask yourself is it what you really want. That’s the most important thing I think. You’ve gotta be true to your wants and needs. Everything else is secondary.

As much as I like having time for myself to do whatever I please I do miss getting to do shit in work. Although at 27 I can honestly say there is no way in fucking hell that I’m settling in something I want to do for the sake of it. I quit a job after two weeks for that reason and I’d happily do it again should the situation require it. Reality of things is for me that I’m overweight, diabetic and probably a candidate for any assortment of random health malodies resulting in my expiration date being inside another 27. Would I want to spend another 27 years of which none of it will be childhood doing shit I’ve no love for or interest in. Hell no. Life is too short. Not to be wasted. The fact that you’re here is a miracle in it’s self. Just remember you’re a one in whatever million chance with those other sperm-poles or whatever they want to call them. You could have been lost if your Da decided to jerk off earlier that day. That’s the crazy thing. If a different sperm-pole made it would you still be the same? There’s one to get as high as giraffe pussy too and think about if you want one of those brain hurts moments. All signs point to no as otherwise families would be clones of each other.

Not that I’m a John Lennon fan or anything; but he once said “I don’t believe in Beatles, I just believe in me”. I’m paraphrasing here and may be missing an only or something but the thing is you need to believe in yourself. You need to understand your own value and what you require to be happy. Too many poor unlucky fuckers judge themselves on other people’s criteria. Actually what am I saying. Luck is for losers. Get your shit together motherfuckers and live the life you want to lead. Time is running out.